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?Why Aikido?

This is a question that I don't get asked enough as a Teacher.

Aikido, to me, is like instructions on how to live your life, more than just a "style" of martial arts, there are hundreds of different martial arts schools out there


AI-KI-DO can be broken down simply into "the way to harmonize energy"

or how can I be in harmony with the world around me?

a question that I have consistently instilled into our young martial artists for over 9 years.

Aikido has all of the great benefits that most martial arts teach;

Self-Defense, Confidence, Leadership Skills, Perseverance, Character, Self-Discipline, healthy lifestyle, and much more.


Aikido has something unique going for it.

A philosophy of conflict resolution drives it.

peace, inner competitiveness over the external competition,

sympathy for the "attacker"

(read my article on kids and competition)

Aikido essentially is instructions on how not to fight in a fight.

which as a martial art sounds very contradictory to what most people

know martial arts to be good for.

Aikido is a lifestyle

and it promises to help teach us that there's always a better way.

Why do I teach Aikido?

I teach it because Aikido is what I needed when I was younger.

 one of my drives to be the person I am today is to become the person I needed when I was younger, to become a role model for the young souls and the next generations; 

Aikido is my vehicle of choice to help create a world of peaceful warriors!

-Sempai Matt Addison

(chief instructor)


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