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What do we offer?

Aikido St.Pete offers dynamic classes for adults and kids ages 5-100, our classes are taught by the chief instructor Matthew Addison who is a 2nd-degree black belt (Nidan) and has been teaching Aikido for 10 years.
our kid's and adult classes are created around the philosophy of how to live our lives in harmony with the world, not only covering the basics of self-defense but utilizing unique principles only found in Aikido, each kid's/adult class instills a lifelong curiosity for self-discovery, opportunities to advance in rank, under the largest Aikido federation in America *USAF,  we offer a guarantee that you and your children learn, retain new knowledge, build strength mentally and physically and have fun!
I can only tell you so much of what we offer at the dojo without repeating myself, but no matter how good I articulate, it will never compare to the never-ending lifetime skills your child or yourself will gain from the practice of Aikido.
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on that note, I'm going to hand it off to some of my most satisfied students, here are some testimonials from current and past students.

"Matt Addison has been teaching my son since he was 7 years old we have followed him through 3 different dojo's keeping in touch throughout the years my son is now 12 and still can't wait to get on the mat to train with Sempai Matt he has been a crucial role in my son's life" -
Aillie mother of Deaven

"I'm supposed to give a review about the dojo but really this is about the teacher, Sempai Matt is just one of the most amazing teachers for kids ever, you can really tell he is truly passionate about Aikido and teaching , I can't recommend enough"
- Brian Father of Aiden

"I've been to other dojos before, had my kids in karate and MMA, Aikido is probably one of my favorite types of martial arts and the teacher Matt is super knowledgeable"
-Tim Grandfather of Jayden

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