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Our dojo's children's programs are designed around the principles and philosophies of Aikido's founder, Morihei Ueshiba (O'Sensei).

Radically different from any other martial art in the world, Aikido seeks reconciliation through its practice, rather than victory/defeat. The goal of Aikido is to create and foster an internal competitive spirit that drives each of us to do better than we did the day before without comparing with others. 

Monday: 5:15pm - 6:00pm

(as the program grows so will the schedule)

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Meet 'Sempai Matt'
Nidan (2nd degree black belt), Children's Program Director

Since 2013, Matthew Addison has been training and studying the traditional martial art of Aikido. Initially under Gina Boccolucci Sensei in Tampa, he now calls Pinellas County Aikikai home with Reuven Lirov Sensei;

 Matt is Chief Instructor at his dojo in St Pete.

As Chief instructor for the dojo, 'Sempai Matt' is responsible for ensuring that each of our Junior Samurai is having fun on the mat and staying safe as they learn.

Sempai Matt's goals are to continue seeing his Junior Samurai progress through the ranks and eventually join him in the adults program and see Aikido become a cornerstone of their lives as a way to foster leadership, discipline, a strong work ethic, and physical ability. 


Little Samurai
Ages 5-11

Our 'Little Samurai' program is focused on creating an atmosphere where our youngest can begin their traditional martial arts journeys, using playful engagement as a way to learn real skills.


Aikido develops:

  • Discipline and Concentration

  • Coordination

  • Self-defense

  • A calm, stress reducing effect through breathing and meditation techniques

  • Increased confidence and a positive "can do" attitude

  • Heightened sense of spatial awareness

  • Sense of community

  • Leadership qualities

And, it's a great workout!

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Ages 12-15

Our Senior Samurai program is a way to develop young boys and girls into leaders and adult hood, at this point they join the adults if they are ready, Teaching them practical and proven self-defense methods, giving them opportunities to push themselves past their edge to start them on their way to being strong

and independent 


Senior Samurai Focus On:

  • Anti-Bullying

  • Assertive vs Aggressive Behavior

  • Discipline 

  • Coordination

  • Leadership

  • Fitness & Fun!


We at at the Dojo understand the importance of instilling the character traits of responsibility, respect, discipline, self confidence and excellent choice making skills in teens and young adults. Unlike most martial arts, Aikido is a traditional form with ZERO competition. Our focus is 100% on building strong character through teamwork, hard work, and leadership skills.

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