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Our dojo's main program is where adults of all age groups are able to train and grow together. Aikido's tenets and practices are unique and allow for modification so that anyone of any age can begin practicing. Many Aikido practitioners begin their training young, while others don't start until their 60s and 70s. Students on either end of this spectrum (and every age in between) benefit from the practice of Aikido and its community.

How do I get started? Simple. Show up. Meet Sempai Matt where he will go over your goals for your training, what Aikido is all about, etiquette, and some basic movement to explore. At the end of the session, you'll discuss your ideal next steps on your journey. I


As an adult, the opportunities within the dojo are many, beginning with the training of body, mind, and spirit. From there the community of senior and junior (sempai and kohai, respectively) practitioners, help each other improve and prepare for examinations. 

Outside the dojo, seminars give us the ability to train and learn from new partners and teachers and is highly encouraged once a strong foundation is established.

Cross Training: This is highly encouraged (e.g., sensei currently cross-trains in Brazilian jiujitsu, judo, eskrima, and others). The act of cross-training with a strong foundation in your Aikido principles will help you fill in gaps that you may experience in your training. Remember that all of your instructors come from cross-trained backgrounds, including traditional and modern combat arts. Always feel welcome to ask them to draw on these practices during regular training if you feel it will help your growth and development.


Aikido Develops:

  • Discipline and concentration

  • Coordination

  • Self-defense

  • A calm, stress-reducing effect through breathing and meditation techniques

  • Increased confidence and a positive "can-do" attitude

  • Heightened sense of spatial awareness

  • Sense of community

  • Leadership qualities

And, it's a great workout!


Minimum Age: 12 years old

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