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Welcome to Spring Seminar Week!

As we prepare to host Sensei Jonathan Weiner of Aikido of Charlotte this weekend, this week is an ideal time for new students, sempai, and those who haven't been on the mat in a while, to get themselves ready.

New Students.

Our dojo has been blessed with a steady stream of new students benefiting from all Aikido has to offer. This week is an ideal time for new students to focus on Ukemi - really focusing in on strong, committed attacks, along with safe and controlled receiving of technique (including safe falling).

The most important thing to remember is that seminars are the absolute best way to make FAST progress with your training. You'll gain from training with many sempai (senior students) along with new and interesting techniques from instructors you normally wouldn't get to learn from.

MIA Students.

If you haven't been to the dojo in a long time, this week is a great time to reinvigorate your training, reestablish the habit of showing up to the dojo, and recommitting to reaping the benefits of all Aikido has to offer physically, mentally, and spiritually.


For senior students, this week is the ideal time to really show up. Make it to as many classes as possible to help kohai prepare for a successful and enjoyable seminar. Help them avoid injury, break through barriers, and set them up for a lifetime of joy on the mat.

Whatever the reasons - the week before a seminar is the ideal time to dust off the corners and continue polishing technique while solidifying the community bonds that tie us all together.

See you on the mat this week and at the seminar this weekend!

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